Don’t be the next TalkTalk….What’s your reputation worth?

Click Print is a leader in enterprise print security, working with businesses to ascertain a print policy that can be benchmarked and revisited to ensure compliance and security directives are adhered to. Uniquely, we can provide a monthly report as evidence of the steps you’ve taken to secure your printers.

Small investments in optimising your print infrastructure will safeguard against the ill effects (both monitory and reputational) that a data leak/hack could result in. The media is having a field day since the news of TalkTalk’s customer leak first trended, and the continuing threat of sensitive data being leaked is not scare mongering, but a reality that we all face.

Click Print help to refine your print policy and take responsibility in implementing that policy. Best of all, we make the process simple. Our agile working methods and security-led stance has seen Click Print become the fastest growing managed print provider in the UK.

If your printers have open USB ports, invalid security certificates, open control panels and accessible network ports, your organisation could be at risk.

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