Mismanaged Print v Managed Print

Mismanaged Print v Managed Print

How choosing the right managed print provider can make or break your technology strategy.

Our sales teams engage with clients of all sizes, from small SME’s to multi-national enterprises and everything in between. What never ceases to amaze me is the startling number of unethical and unrealistic agreements that our potential customers and partners have been enticed into (either knowingly or unknowingly, the former being bad management and the latter being unfortunately miss-sold).

In a mature industry, indeed an industry that for many years was tarnished with a reputation for huge profits that on a deal by deal basis were hard to justify, it’s surprising that the following list of nuances are still commonplace:

  • Monthly payment profile when the customer was expecting quarterly!
  • High service settlements
  • High residual values on legacy hardware
  • Resigning of old devices
  • Selling second hand devices as new
  • Unjustifiably high minimum billings
  • Incorrect equipment, sold for the salespersons benefit
  • Untrained engineers sent to machines they’ve never seen before

Refreshingly, Click are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum:

  • Our agreements are transparent and our clients know what they are committing to, for how long and why
  • We only sell brand new devices
  • We only sell the best machines that are fit for purpose in the customer’s actual environment
  • We sell premium products from the market leading manufacturers. We refuse to compromise on this as we believe it would devalue our proposition
  • Our engineers are trained to the highest standards and carry the highest accreditations awarded by the manufacturers themselves
  • All deals are signed off at Director level to ensure that contracts have the best customer interests at heart

Our experience shows us that time and time again, businesses are held back by mismanaging their technology procurement and engaging with the wrong suppliers. Worst still, the fear of change means that many businesses are hesitant to move away from their incumbent supplier, meaning that bad practice stems over a 3/5/10 year period. Being held back by technology can effect reputation, market standing, profitability and compliance.

Managed Print That Works

Managed Print Services (MPS) is not a dark art or a grey area. There should always be some very tangible positive outcomes, usually cost savings, standardisation and increases in speed or quality. If you’re not achieving any of those outcomes when entering into a new agreement, there is a valid argument that you should refrain from entering that agreement.

We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our agreements our approach with each and every MPS solution. Audit, consult, design, implement, review…. it’s not rocket science.

If you’re tied into a confusing or prohibiting agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us.








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