Cybercrime won’t affect me…..will it?

Image of keyboard letters spelling cybercrime

Cybercrime is now the biggest threat that UK businesses face in 2016.

As most of us welcome in the new year looking forward to growth and prosperity, the unfortunate reality is that cybercrime is on the up, and there’s a good chance your organisation can be the victim of such attacks.

Global insurance giant Allianz now officially rates cybercrime as THE biggest risk for UK businesses (up from third place last year).

This threat is no longer exclusive to FTSE 100 organisations. The truth is, whether you employ 100,000 people or 10 people, your information is valuable and your trade secrets should remain exactly that…. secrets.

The best ways to protect against cybercrime:

  • Devise a comprehensive security policy (remember internal threats are as serious as external ones)
  • Encrypt data stored on shared drives or SharePoint
  • Don’t store passwords or sensitive data on networked drives
  • Ensure you have a credible and realistic disaster recovery plan
  • LOCK DOWN your printers and other network attached devices
  • Implement robust background checks and vetting for all new members of staff
  • Ensure your workforce are only ordering through credible suppliers and not using credit/debit cards on untrusted websites

If your business is falling short in any of these areas, relatively small investments can help.

Talk to Click today about taking the next steps in protecting your business.

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